IT Leadership

The resources and costs invested in IT should be one of the primary supporting factors of the vision and direction of an organization. If managed properly, the IT structure should promote growth and profits while ensuring compliancy.

Organization Goals

  • Strategic planning and technology direction
  • Ensure the IT structure supports the vision of the business
  • IT budgeting and cost justification


  • Develop and maintain necessary policies and procedures
  • Ensure a relevant Business Continuity procedure is in place
  • Review and implement IT compliancy requirements
  • Risk Management analysis


  • Improve on existing inefficiencies and challenges
  • Develop inter-department relationships and communication with IT

Experienced leadership is essential to ensure that your IT organization is aligned as a core component of your overall success.

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Audits & Assessments

A cost-effective implementation of technology that produces data in a secure and timely manner is a successful one. The various audits and assessments that we perform help ensure compliancy, efficiency, and the protection of your current IT investment.

Security and Compliance Audits

Compliance Readiness & Security Audits

Data Center Review

          • Environmental Controls
          • Physical Security
          • Monitoring, Alert, and Notification Systems

Business Continuity and Data Protection

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Data Threat Mitigation
  • Security Boundaries and Data Encryption Methods
  • Account Management and Access Controls
  • PHI Access Audit Methods and Sensitive Data Controls

Policies and Procedure Review and Implementation
Infrastructure Analysis and Risk Management

Vulnerability & Network Security Assessment

  • Server and Network Vulnerability Analysis
  • Network Design and Configuration
  • Email Protection Mechanisms
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Client Device Threat Management
  • Penetration Testing

Due Diligence & Acquisition Assessments

  • Information Security Compliance
  • IT Organization Issues and Operational Efficiency
  • Data Integration and Migration Risks
  • Business Continuity Procedures
  • Data Security Risk Management
  • Infrastructure Controls
  • Performance and Scalability

We use our many years of experience in IT security, particularly in regards to HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and other government regulations that deal with the handling of sensitive data, to provide a clear understanding of the current state of your environment.

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Technical Consulting & Administration

Technical Consulting

The physical and logical components of a data network are the foundation of a secure and reliable IT environment. Our Technical Consulting services help ensure the dependability and longevity of your IT infrastructure.

Network Administration & Consulting

  • Firewall and Routers
  • Inter-Office Connectivity
  • Data Flow Optimization
  • Internet Facing Security Appliances and Gateways
  • External Threat Mitigation

Server Administration & Consulting

  • Network Operating Systems
  • Database Environments
  • Enterprise Email Systems
  • Thin-client Infrastructures
  • Virtualization Platforms

Performance Analysis & System Assessments

  • Database Environment Tuning Recommendations
  • Physical and Virtual Network Configuration Review
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Domain Functionality and Health

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Data Center Migrations and Relocations

Our data migration service reduces the stress and complexity of your move. We make it easy to move data, applications, and entire servers across different locations, hypervisors, and platforms.

  • Any-to-Any Platform Migration between physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Real-time byte-level replication keeps systems in-sync for a seamless cutover
  • Migrate workloads with minimal impact to IT resources
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss and downtime

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Help Desk Support Operations

This cost effective approach to support services allows you to supplement your IT staff and provide exceptional customer service, which has a huge impact on both productivity and employee morale.

Help Desk & Support

          • Enterprise class issue tracking system
          • Skilled technical support staff
          • Supplement existing IT staff
          • Customized support packages tailored to your needs
          • Secure online support portal to submit and track issues
          • Reporting capabilities for SLA metrics and response times

Great customer service allows departments to work better together and gives your business a competitive edge.

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