Cloud Data Services

IBT’s private Cloud gives your users secure and reliable access to the data they need from virtually anywhere. You get enterprise class technology without the unpredictable IT budget, while removing the distractions of maintaining an onsite server environment.


Security and Compliance

Maintaining our SOC II Compliancy is one of the many accountability measures that we put in place.

Customers are isolated within their own tenant network to protect their data.

Business Continuity is achieved through our multi-site design with built-in Disaster Recovery.

Email security through our multiple layers of anti-spam and antivirus protection, along with outbound email encryption.


Cost Benefits

Reduce or eliminate the following:

  • Server platform software license maintenance
  • Server hardware support and maintenance agreements
  • IT implementation and training costs for server software and hardware upgrades
  • Environmental, facility, and electrical
  • Infrastructure to support onsite servers
    • Backup system and software
    • Disaster Recovery solution
    • Server anti-virus software protection
    • Complex network equipment

IT resources can be reduced or refocused toward the strategic advancement of your business in the market place.

Capital expenditures cost more in the long run than the initial purchase price, especially if those funds could have been invested or put toward business development.

Leave this one to the accountants, but often cloud subscriptions are a deductible operating expense as opposed to the depreciating capital expense of server hardware purchases.


Workflow and Collaboration

Centralized documents for mobile care givers, stationary office staff and remote workers.

Real-time data replication sets between your environment and ours to accommodate your unique workflows.

Integrate our hosted voice platform to include inbound fax capability.



Enjoy a stress-free predictable IT budget.

Expand your business through growth or acquisition without the concern or cost of IT infrastructure projects.

Allows your IT staff to focus on the strategic growth and vision of your business rather than hardware.


Competition in your Market

Attract and retain new talent by staying current on technology.

Flexible end-user access gives you the ability to offer a BYOD (bring your own device) model.

Appeal to your prospects, customers and referral sources with current and intuitive online tools.

Improve the rate in which you can adapt to newer technologies.

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